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Blooms by Bethany

By Nancy Kyte

Making flower arrangements is fun!  And it is easier than you think. You don’t need to have floral experience to make something pretty. You can buy flowers at the grocery store, or choose flowers that might be blooming in your own backyard. Be sure to have an adult help you if you cut the flowers or remove any thorns.

You can use a vase for your arrangement, but other containers work well too. With a little imagination you can put together a simple arrangement to enjoy as long as the flowers last. 


trio of flowers in jam jarsJam Jar Trio

Jam jars work very well as vases.  Just soak off the labels and wash the jars well. Here are a few ideas:


1. Fill one jar with flowers, either all the same kind or a mixture.


2. Fill several jars and cluster them together for a bigger impact.


Jam jars are ideal for giving away flowers to friends or neighbors.  They don’t have to worry about returning the container! 



flowers in a candle dishCandle Dish

Bethany started with a small dessert plate with a votive candle placed in the center (see right). Then she surrounded the candle with small flowers, clipped from a larger bunch. In this arrangement all of the stems have been cut-off.

Next, she added green flower tops.

Then she added white flowers with green centers.

The final touch was a few bright-yellow flowers for contrast.


Tip 1: Bethany says you can do a nice arrangement with one kind of flower or several types.  Use whatever is available.  

Tip 2: The flowers won’t stay fresh long, because there isn’t much room for water.  However, they are beautiful when the candle is lit, so they work well for a special occasion.


wildflower arrangementWildflowers & Greens 

Check to see what is blossoming in your own yard.  Even the tiniest blooms can be used. Sometimes weeds can be pretty too. If you can’t find flowers, try using stems with leaves or pine needles.

In this arrangement (see right) Bethany used wildflowers and added some greenery to a small vase. Flower arrangements don’t have to be big to be beautiful.

Once Bethany started putting flowers together, the ideas kept coming. Now she can hardly stop! She thinks anyone can make a nice arrangement. The main thing is to get started. From ordinary wildflowers to exotic orchids, there are so many flowers to enjoy.  









Bethany K., age 9, (seen in the top photo on p. 6) enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and traveling to new places. She loves animals of all kinds (and even has a pet tarantula!). She’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but thinks that being a teacher would be fun.