KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | May 2016

Big City or Small Town?

Where do you live? Some kids are born in the country. Others are born in small towns. Still others are born in the middle of a busy city. We asked two moms—one who lives in the city and one who lives in the country—what they liked and what they would change if they could.

chung familyThe Chung Family of Washington, D.C.

Johanna Devera Chung lives in Washington, D.C. (658,893 people live here). She and her husband have jobs in the city and thought it best to live near their work. By doing this, they have more time with their family. 

“We like being close to museums, parks, schools, work, restaurants, shopping, government, and hospitals—all within a 15-minute drive, and all accessible by public transportation,” she says. Having neighbors close by gives us an opportunity to know them better.” 

Being in the city also allows them to meet people from different cultures, who believe differently than they do. It allows them to be a special Adventist light in their community.

One thing she wishes she could change is to be closer to her Adventist friends and the church they attend. Both are almost an hour away. 



crawford familyThe Crawford Family of Walla Walla, Washington

Nelita Crawford lives in Walla Walla, Washington (31,825 people live here). She moved there to go to college and never left.

She loves that things are close by. “I love that my kids know where things are, including the people at the grocery store, gas station, and restaurants.”

Crawford is only one of a handful of South Asians in town. “It is hard to be in a place that doesn’t understand my cultural background.” She misses ethnic foods, cultural events, and the buzz of city life in general.

Being able to grow your own food is nice. You learn how to live without depending on others. It is quiet in the country. People are more personal. They eat together, hold your hand when you are troubled, and work right beside you just like Jesus did when He lived on earth.