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Bible Heroes: Queen Esther

Hi, kids! This year we’re going to pay special attention to a few characters from the Bible who are well known, or should be. If you have someone in the Bible you’d love to hear more about, write and tell us! You might see your suggestion in a new edition of KidsView!


The story of Queen Esther is one of the more well-known and well-loved stories. She was a person known for her courage and bravery in the face of some difficult circumstances. Read these interesting facts about her story.

You can also read the whole story in the Old Testament. Look for the book of Esther. There are 10 chapters. Try reading a chapter a day. Or spend time with your family during worship and read the book aloud. 


  • Esther’s birth name was Hadassah, which means “myrtle.” The myrtle tree was native to the region she lived in, in ancient Persia. When Jewish exiles were allowed to return to Jerusalem, they took this tree with them. It became a symbol of the nation of Israel.


  • Persia is now called Iran. In Farsi, which is the language spoken in Iran, the name Esther is “Setareh.”


  • Esther’s parents died when she was a child. She was adopted by her uncle Mordecai, but he raised her as his daughter. They lived in Susa (Shushan), which was one of several Persian capitals at the time. 


  • Esther’s intercession on behalf of her people clearly saved lives. But her courage was something else altogether, given that it is believed she was very, very young to be queen—likely a teenager.


  • The date of her death is unknown, but Jewish tradition believes her tomb is located in Hamadan, western Iran. Hamadan is also known as Ecbatana.


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