KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | August 2013

Back to School Advice

School days can be some of the best days—really! How can you make the most of going back to school? First, ask yourself: “What kind of student will I be this year?” “What kind of friend will be I be this year?” and “What do I need to do to have a great year?” Talking about this with your parents or guardians can be very helpful. 

We asked some of our staff who are now all grown-up what advice they might have for someone just back in school. We hope this advice will help. Don’t forget the best advice—Jesus is with you every single day!


photo of label caesarGo, even if you’re scared, because school is wonderful—especially after you graduate.

—Lael Caesar, associate editor, Adventist Review




photo of Sandra BlackmerBeing welcomed to my very first day of school by a friendly, caring teacher and making friends almost immediately with other children in my class helped to ease my apprehension. By the end of the afternoon I was feeling happy and excited about my new school life and looking forward to returning the next day. If you’re just starting school for the first time or joining a new class at a different school, my advice is not to be shy but to search out potential good friends. If you’re not new to the class, watch for others who are and pull them into your circle of friends. They will be grateful for your kindness and acceptance, because it’s not easy being “new.”—Sandra Blackmer, features editor, Adventist Review



Photo of Stephen ChavezBe nice to the unpopular kids—especially the unpopular kids.—Stephen Chavez, coordinating editor, Adventist Review




Photo of Merle PoirierI attended an Adventist church, but always went to public school. In fourth grade, my mom enrolled me in an Adventist school where I didn’t know anyone. Unfortunately, the Adventist kids in that school had their own friends. They were unkind, and unaccepting of a new kid. I stayed there the entire school year, but I was unhappy, so my mother took me back to public school where the kids were nice. Be kind to new students, invite them to play with you, allow yourself to make new friends, and remember that each and every day you represent Jesus to others, including your friends at school.—Merle Poirier, designer, KidsView


Photo of Kimberly Luste MaranPray each day—for students, teachers, families, and yourself, of course! Sometimes kids can make bad choices. If other kids are trying to get you to do something you know is wrong, be kind but firm in your beliefs. Have fun and be nice to others!—Kimberly Maran, content editor, KidsView




Photo of Wilona KarimabadiSmile at everyone—especially people you don’t know. I know it can be hard if you are shy (as I certainly can be), but people respond well to happy faces. You will make everyone around you feel much better just from the power of your beautiful smile!—Wilona Karimabadi, managing editor, KidsView