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Monday, July 6, 2015

Antonio is a People Person (Armadillo)

One of the cool things about a GC session is meeting people--old friends and many new ones. It's one of the best parts because it reminds us of how much of a family we really are. Imagine running into your teachers from a long time ago and now they get to see you as grown up with kids of your own (true story). It's pretty neat.

There were many people who would stop by our booth and just ask us where we were from. We of course would ask them where they were from and so now have met many people from everywhere--Tahiti, Haiti, Jamaica, etc. That's also lots of fun.

Antonio spent some time traveling through the convention center and posing with new friends and new things. That was certainly a highlight of the day and its something that makes attending a GC session truly memorable.

  • Antonio stopped at the ADRA booth and made his first new friend of the day. He also got a pen in return.

  • Then he headed to the Avondale College booth. This new friend is from Australia. Did you know it's winter there right now?

  • Then it was onto Paris! Antonio met a nice friend representing the Adventist University in Collonges, France. He also got a nice Eiffel Tower keychain.

  • Lisa is related to KidsView. Her mom Merle is our designer and makes sure we look great every month. Lisa seems to like Antonio a lot and the feeling is mutual.

  • One of our staff writers Marcos, had his sons visit us in our office. Meet Antonio's new Canadian friends, Aiden (right) and Elie.

  • Antonio couldn't resist climbing on top of this giant Rubik's Cube.

  • Lastly, Antonio met up with Tanya who was busy at the Children's Ministries booth. She works closely with KidsView from time to time and we love her!