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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Antonio is a Family Armadillo

We're sure you have heard that we are all part of the family of God. If God is our heavenly Father, then that makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ. That's an important concept to remember. In families, we laugh, cry, share secrets, share in each other's happiness as well as sad moments. Sometimes we bug our siblings and sometimes we have the best of times with them. 

It's really not that different in a church family. The group of people you go to church with every Sabbath are your church family. But did you  know that all these people here at GC session are your church family too?

You are hearing about fun things here at session through this blog. There are also serious things being talked about here (and that is involving the grown ups for now). Sometimes the discussions get real tough and people get unhappy. But remember what its like to be in your own family--those brothers and sisters, sometimes cousins even, can get on your nerves and make you upset, but in the end, you'll get over it and get along again.

That's what Jesus does for us as family members. He binds us together with His love, and uses that same love to help us through the moments when we forget to behave in love. In the end, our families always love us and that makes all the difference in the world.

Families come from God--all of us are part of His family and nothing makes Him happeir than being our Father in heaven. Remember that!

  • Since today is about families, we thought we'd have a few pose for a snapshot.

  • Lots of hats for this group of fun relatives!

  • They were smiling for Antonio.

  • Love this family and their coordinating stripes!

  • This uncle and his niece have great smiles and we enjoyed meeting them.