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Ally's Blueberry Surprise

By Alessandra Maran

I started making my blueberry surprise about three years ago. I love blueberries, and lemons, and I discovered this dessert after making blueberry pie with my mom. At first, when I put the blueberries and fresh lemon juice together it was too sour—even for me! So I added some natural cane sugar (turbinado) and . . . perfect. Another important detail is that the blueberries have to be frozen. This is a great spring or summer treat! I’ve brought my blueberry surprise to fellowship dinner at church, and have served it to my class at school two years in a row. Most of the kids really seem to like it! Follow the recipe at left step by step. It’s really easy to make.



1 large bowl

1 mixing spoon

2 ½ pounds of frozen blueberries

2 medium size lemons

lemon juice concentrate

½ cup of raw cane sugar



Place blueberries in bowl and give them a quick mix so they aren’t too stuck together. 




1. Cut lemons.




2. Squeeze juice into an 8-ounce measuring cup. Make sure you get fallen seeds out. Add lemon juice concentrate until the liquid reaches 2/3 cup (I sometimes go up to ¾ cup when I want a little extra tartness).




3. Sprinkle half of sugar over frozen blueberries and give a quick mix with the spoon. 




4. Drizzle half of lemon juice on berries and stir well. Add remainder of sugar followed by remainder of lemon juice and mix well so that blueberries looked crusted with sugar and lemon juice isn’t pooling at bottom. Serve right away. 




To dress it up, add a sprig of mint to servings. You can adjust sugar and lemon juice to your taste. And use a little whipped topping if it is a special occasion. Serves 8-10.