KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | February 2013

A True Friend

By Jean Boonstra

“A real friend sticks closer than a brother!” (Proverbs 18:24b)

My best friend’s name is Holly. We’ve been friends since we were nine years old and she (falsely) accused me of cheating on a test! It is a long story, but it led to a good friendship. What is your best friend’s name?

A good friend, a true friend, is a gift from God. Have you ever wondered how you can tell if a person is a true friend? The good news is that the answer is “yes!”

We all like different things about our friends. Maybe your best friend is perfect for you because he or she is funny and never shy. Perhaps you like being around him because he makes you laugh.

Someone else might choose a quiet person who is a good listener as their best friend. In that way, we are all different. But there are certain things that always make someone a good friend.

Happy friends having fun togetherThere are four things you can look for to tell if a person is a true friend:

1) A true friend is someone you can trust—someone you can tell a secret to and trust that he or she won’t tell anyone. You can trust a true friend to do what is best for you.

2) A true friend is also kind. He or she won’t tease you or pick on you, or make you feel awkward about yourself.

3) A true friend will always tell you the truth—even if that truth isn’t exactly what you want to hear. A true friend will love you enough to be honest.

4) Lastly and most importantly, a true friend will always like you for who you are. They will accept all of you, even the not-so-perfect parts. They won’t laugh at you—not even when you wear your new glasses to school.

True friends are a gift from God. Most people only have a small number of true friends. You may have lots of people you talk to and spend time with, but true friendships are special, because a true friend likes you for who you are.

There can never be a truer friend than Jesus. We can trust Him, He is always kind, He tells us the truth in His Word, and He loves us for who we are. Even our best earthly friends can let us down once in a while, but Jesus never will.

My friend Holly has made my life more meaningful. I think I’ll write her an e-mail to tell her that I appreciate her. Why don’t you tell your friends how special they are to you? And make today a wonderful new day—a new day with Jesus!



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