KidsView  | The Adventist Review for kids and those who always will be kids at heart | September 2016

2016 Week of Prayer Readings

By Bonita Joyner Shields

Each year Seventh-day Adventists are encouraged to take a whole week and devote it to prayer. That sounds like a long time—pray for seven days? It doesn’t work quite like that, but that is the idea. Set aside one week to focus on your prayer life, find ways to help others, and do things that bring you closer to Jesus, making your relationship to Him more special.

Often the time selected is in November, but you can select any week. This KidsView, written by Linda Mei Koh,* can help you plan. The theme is “being a missionary.” What kinds of things can you do for Jesus? Each day there is a Bible verse, a story, and an activity. So, grab some paper, a pen or pencil,  and let’s learn how to be a missionary one day at a time!


First Sabbath

God's Little Missionary

Bible Text

“So go and make followers of all people in the world. Baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 28:19).



Eight-year-old Mateo was excited to tell his papa and mama his great plan! As soon as he got home from school, he went straight to look for Papa.

“Papa, Papa, I want to do something for Jesus,” said Mateo excitedly, “I want to run a small group for my friends and our neighbors!”

“That’s a great idea, Mateo!” Papa responded with joy. “I’ll teach you how.”

“OK, Papa, show me how to give Bible studies. I can teach them songs and tell the kids Bible stories,” Mateo said enthusiastically.

Mateo visited each of his neighbors to invite them to his small group. He invited his classmates to come too. His first small group meeting started with eight children and adults. Mateo taught them many songs about Jesus and told them Bible stories. The people listened with great interest. They were given Bibles to use during the meetings. Pretty soon more and more people joined Mateo’s small group, and it swelled to 15 in attendance.  Mateo gave his first Bible studies on John 3:16. He just loved the story of God loving the world so much He gave His only Son to save everyone.

“Papa, I think I want to be a pastor when I grow up,” Mateo said passionately. “I want to be a missionary, telling people everywhere that Jesus loves them and wants them to be with Him in heaven!”

“Wonderful, son! Start being a missionary right here in your neighborhood,” said Papa with a big smile as he ruffled Mateo’s hair. “I know Jesus will be very happy.”

Try it out!

Make a few invitation cards, decorate them, and write a message to invite two friends or classmates to your Sabbath School.


cute african girlSunday

A Sunbeam for Jesus

Bible Text

“Jesus said, ‘Go home to your family and friends. Tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you’ ” (Mark 5:19).



Mom, the stories of Albert Schweitzer and David Livingstone are fascinating!” Gabriela exclaimed.

“Yes, these men sacrificed a great deal to help those in Africa who were sick and less fortunate,” mother explained. “They risked getting diseases and dying.”

“I want to be a missionary when I grow up. Do I have to be baptized first?” asked Gabriela.

“You don’t have to be baptized before working for Jesus. In fact, every one of us who loves Jesus is a missionary for Him!” replied dad.

“Do you remember the demon-possessed man in the region of the Gerasenes? After Jesus healed him, the man wanted to go with Jesus. But what did Jesus say?” asked mother.

“He told him to go home and tell his family about his marvelous healing.” Gabriela answered.

“That’s right. Jesus wants us to share the good news with our families, friends, and neighbors. They are all around us, and they can see the change in us!” Mother exclaimed.

“You can start right now. Look around you and see how you can serve and share God’s love with others,” Father suggested.

“OK. I think I know someone I can help,” said Gabriela thoughtfully.

“Wonderful!” Mother said. “Remember the song ‘Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam’? Being a missionary is like being a sunbeam for Jesus.”

“Someday I may be a missionary, but for now we all can be missionaries right here!” Gabriela said earnestly.

Bible Search

Identify three individuals from the Bible who were great missionaries. How did they share the Gospel? What ways can you share Jesus with your friends or neighbors? [Bonus! Find the song in the story and sing it!]



An Unforgettable Summer!

Bible Text

“You will be his witness to all people. You will tell them about the things you have seen and heard” (Acts 22:15).


Summer vacation was coming soon, and everyone in Christopher’s class was already talking aboutthe exciting adventures they would have with their families. But this summer would be different for Christopher.His heartstrings tugged at him to go a different way, to go on a different adventure! After last week’spresentation and appeal by one of the returned missionaries from Central America, Christopher andhis buddy, Allen, felt called to join a mission trip organized by their school.

“Mom and Dad, can I join the mission trip to Guatemala this summer?” Christopher asked excitedly. “I want to do something to help others.”

“That’s a wonderful idea! You need to raise some funds for your ticket, and we will match you half,” Dad responded.

June 20 arrived, and Christopher, Allen, and 10 others said goodbye to their families as they headed to Guatemala City. After almost seven hours of flying they finally arrived. The group immediately transferred to a minibus for another three-hour journey before reaching their mission station. What a relief!

Christopher and Allen were asked to lead song service for the community children’s worship in the morning. They were happy to share Jesus with kids who had never heard of Him. In the afternoon they joined adults in laying bricks for building the jungle chapel. It was backbreaking work!

“I guess being a missionary is not that easy,” Christopher said to Allen with a sigh.

“You’re right!  I hope we can last for the next 13 days, Chris,” Allen replied with some apprehension.

By the fourth day Christopher was really enjoying his work. He loved teaching kids. But it was most satisfying to see the chapel completed after 10 days of hard work. There was a big celebration to thank God as they dedicated this building of worship to Him.

Soon the mission trip was over, and the tired students headed home. Christopher felt a joy and satisfaction he had never felt before. Yes, getting involved in missions transformed him. He immediately went to work to start a fund-raising project to purchase school supplies for poor children in Guatemala. He couldn’t stop sharing the joys of mission service with others at school and at church!

“We have received so many blessings from God that we need to share them with poor people,” Christopher said.

Remember the apostle Paul, who went on many missionary journeys? He simply loved to share his blessings!

Bible Search

Look up these two Bible texts: John 15:4-8, John 4:1-42. What is the secret to becoming a new and changed person?

Try it Out!

Identify someone or somewhere that needs help near where you live. Then with your parents, teacher, or friends, plan a specific mission project to help those in need.


pastor brownTuesday

Unselfish Service

Bible Text

“The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them” (Luke 19:10).


Rain was pouring down as Pastor Brown got into his car to visit a newly baptized couple that was having problems with their 2-month-old baby. Some of the roads were flooded, but the pastor finally got to their house.

“I came immediately after you called,” said Pastor Brown briskly as he stepped into the apartment. “How’s the baby?” asked the pastor as he stroked the little one’s face.

“He’s hot all over; let’s take him to the emergency room right away!” the pastor said as he rushed the baby to the car with both parents following him, each grabbing necessary supplies on the way out the door.

Pastor Brown prayed earnestly, pleading to God to save the baby. He stayed with the parents at the hospital throughout the night. Thankfully, the baby’s condition stabilized, and the fever subsided. What a night! Before he left, Pastor Brown gave some money to help the couple.

After catching a little sleep, the pastor was up and ready for his counseling sessions with two young people who were struggling to quit smoking. Their parents were members of Pastor Brown’s church, and they begged the pastor to work with these two young men. No one liked them or trusted them.

Pastor Brown had known Elmo and Jeffrey since they were born. He watched them grow up and attend high school. But both dropped out of school by their senior year. He understood the struggles and temptations they faced, and wanted to help them. But he also wondered if their parents were too busy for their sons. Could it be?

“You guys are making progress; I’m proud of you!” Pastor Brown said with a smile on his face. “Have you been following those steps each day?”

The battle was not over yet. But the pastor was always there to encourage them, to prod them on, and to pray with them. Some members felt the pastor was wasting too much time on these boys. They made sure their kids didn’t get near Elmo and Jeffrey. But the pastor believed Jesus Christ could change anyone if only they would let Him. He thought the church must love the boys, understand them, and accept them.

When Pastor Brown climbed into bed that night, he was thankful for what God had done for Elmo and Jeffrey. He beamed with joy over a new idea that popped into his head. He would take these two young men with him tomorrow when he visited those who were sick. Involving them in ministry to those less fortunate would be a life-changing experience!

Bible Search

Identify three individuals from the following Bible texts and describe how Jesus treated each person.

a. Luke 7:1-10 

b. John 8:1-11

c. Luke 19:1-10


Try it Out!

Write a poem about ministering in your community. Who in your family, church family, or neighborhood could you help today?


kids at a tableWednesday

Kids' Haven


Bible Text

“Open your homes to each other, without complaining” (1 Peter 4:9).


Look at those poor kids out there,” Donna said sadly. “They’re searching for food in the garbage dump.”

“We need to help them,” suggested her husband, Dan. “I have an idea!”

Soon the couple began feeding these street kids home-cooked meals. At first about 10 children came and ate everything on their plates. For the first time their stomachs were full, and they could sleep better at night. Pretty soon more and more children came, lining up outside the Vargases’ garage on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Before long, several friends of Donna and Dan joined the ministry and dreamed big! They started building a shelter nearby on property donated by a church member. They had plans to feed these homeless children, educate them, and teach them practical skills.

“Let’s call our center ‘Kids’ Haven,’ ” said Donna. “I love those smiling faces! They give me joy!”

“Donna, you’re really Jesus’ disciple,” her husband said. “You have such compassion for these kids. It’s amazing what you’re doing.”

“I’m only following what God wants us to do. Remember Isaiah 58? True dedication and fasting is to care for needy and poor individuals,” Donna reminded her husband.

“I love those Bible stories about Jesus helping those who are poor,” she added. “They inspire me to help others too.”

Together with their team of volunteers, Donna and Dan continued to feed the homeless children, sharing the love of Jesus, all while teaching them skills to help them earn a living. Kids’ Haven became a little heaven on earth for hundreds of children.


Bible Search

Read Matthew 8 and 9. Then answer these questions:

1. List five individuals that Jesus healed or helped. What kind of people were they?

2. How was Jesus different from the Pharisees, Sadducees, and other religious leaders of His time?


guy on planeThursday

Olie's Testimony

Bible Text

“Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have” 

(1 Peter 3:15).



Olie settled comfortably into his seat and buckled his seat belt. He was ready for a smooth ride to Kalimantan, Indonesia, for an exciting mission trip. He had looked forward to it for the past month, and now it was finally happening! He looked around and saw several of his friends seated comfortably behind him.

Just as Olie was getting ready to close his eyes, the gentleman next to him leaned over.

“So where are you heading to, young man? You look excited!” the stranger said.

“Well, I’m going on a mission to help dig wells and build bathrooms for the people in a village in Kalimantan,” beamed Olie with a big smile.

“Why would you do that?” asked the gentleman. “Wouldn’t it be more fun going on a holiday than doing that?”

“The Bible teaches us to help and serve others, and I want to do that,” Olie responded confidently.

“Wow, that is some conviction you have!” the gentleman replied with a thumbs-up. “Tell me more. I’m surprised to find such strong faith in young people like you.”

For 30 minutes Olie spoke of how he got to know Jesus Christ. Just imagine: Olie walked into a Seventh-day Adventist school as a Buddhist, but became a born-again Christian! He talked about the difficulties he faced from his family when he decided to follow Jesus.

“Sorry, I’ve spoken too long.  Here, I have a book to share with you,” said Olie as he gave a booklet to the gentleman.

“Thank you, young man; I’ll try to read it. You impressed me with your conviction,” the gentleman chuckled. “I wish you well. God go with you!”


Bible Search

Read Acts 9:20-22. What did Paul do, and what gave him such strength?


sweet asian girlFriday

Ohnma's Spiritual Gifts

Bible Text

“And Christ give gifts to men—he made some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to go and tell the Good News, and some to have the work of caring for and teaching God’s people” (Eph. 4:11).


Ohnma had just been baptized at the recent evangelistic campaign because she loved Jesus. On her first Sabbath at church the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Lywin, was at the door to welcome her.

“Ohnma, could you help serve as a counselor to a group of juniors in our Pathfinder Club?” Mrs. Lywin asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Um, I’m not sure how to do that. I don’t think I have the talent,” Ohnma said hesitantly.

“Oh, don’t underestimate your abilities. I can see you already have at least two gifts God has given you,” exclaimed Mrs. Lywin.

“Really? I just love to talk and share,” Ohnma declared confidently.

“That’s what we need! Do you know that God has given each of us different spiritual gifts and talents for His work? Read Romans 12 and 

1 Corinthians 12. You may discover that you may be a great teacher,” smiled Mrs. Lywin.

“Every follower of Jesus is a missionary,” continued Mrs. Lywin. “So use your gifts to teach, help, and share the love of Jesus with others around you. You don’t have to go to Africa to be a missionary!”

Before long, Ohnma joined the Pathfinder Club as a counselor to a group of juniors. Soon she was out with others running a Vacation Bible School. What a joy it was to share Jesus with kids who didn’t know Him. How exciting it was to work with Pathfinders!

Bible Search

Read John 4:4-30 about the Samaritan woman. In what way was she a missionary on the day she met Jesus? 

Try it Out!

On colored construction paper, make a circular button measuring three inches (7.5 centimeters) in diameter. Write the words “ASK ME” with a marker. Attach it to your blouse or shirt. Knock on your neighbor’s door. When they open the door, simply point at your button. If they say, “Ask you what?” you can start to share Jesus with them.


kids jumpingSecond Sabbath

My Final Home! 


“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, sadness, crying, or pain” (Rev. 21:4).


Everyone was excited! Kelly was counting the days! It was their grand reunion party at Grandpa’s huge house. All those who were related to Grandpa got together once every year for fun times. The kids couldn’t wait! They could play with their cousins, eat lots of food, and explore every mysterious room.

As the car got close to Grandpa’s house, Kelly was so excited she could hardly wait one more minute!

“How much longer, Dad? You’re driving really slow today,” Kelly said impatiently.

“It’s better to be safe,” Dad cautioned the impatient girl.

“I can’t wait to see what new gadget Grandpa has made this year!” Kelly exclaimed heartily. “It’s a prize I want!”

“You can have it if you do everything on Grandpa’s list,” Dad encouraged Kelly.

Yes, it was a wonderful reunion! There was much laughter and fun as families ate, played games, and did chores together. Imagine everyone helping to roast corn? There were at least 100 ears of corn!

As Dad drove home that night, a sleepy Kelly was quiet in the back seat. Suddenly she looked bright-eyed and tapped Dad’s shoulder. “Dad, is 

heaven going to be a fun place like today?” Kelly asked. “If it is, I want to be there forever!”

“Heaven is going to be a better place, because Jesus will be there with us forever!” exclaimed Dad joyfully.

Bible Search

Study Revelation 21 carefully, then identify the reasons we want to live in heaven.